Radio Management

Radio-Monitoring Control Center


With a view to executing radio frequency management services effectively, the CRMS keeps track of the radio
monitoring across the nation while runs a quick command & control system in preparation for emergencies at
the same time.

Main functions

  • - Complete control of the national integrated radio frequency monitoring network
  • - Command and control of fixed and mobile direction finders
  • - Detection of illegal frequencies
  • - Quality measurement of radio frequencies
  • - Monitoring of the status of radio stations and their license contents

Advanced radio monitoring toward a leading information-oriented country
in the 21st century

To establish an effective radio monitoring system and further develop it to be highly capable of meeting the
rapidly increasing demands of radio spectrums and a wide spread of new telecommunication services, the
MSIT and CRMS are working their utmost to enhance their radio monitoring capabilities and join the ranks of
advanced information-oriented countries in the upcoming 21st century by investing extra resources in R&D
and computerized monitoring facilities with the establishment of a satellite radio monitoring center.

  • - Vision and goals of radio management