Radio Management

Licensing and Permission of Information and Communications

Certification of Super-high Speed Information and Communications Buildings

Under the certification system of super-high speed information and communications buildings, internal
information and communications facilities are constructed and certified at the time of the construction
of a building so that a variety of information and communications services are used conveniently.

  • - Buildings subject to the certification system : Collective housing (20 households or more), Business facilities
       (Floor area of 3,300㎡ or more)
  • - Certification processing period: Within 20 days after the application is received

Registration and Report of the Special or Additional Communication Service Provider

  • - Special communication services are the provision of common carrier services using telecommunication circuit
       facilities of common carriers and that of internal telecommunication services with the construction of internal
       telecommunication circuit facilities. These services shall be registered with and reported to the Director
       General of the Central Radio Management Service.
  • - Additional Communication services are the provision of telecommunication services besides common carrier
       services using telecommunication circuit facilities rented from common carriers. These services shall be
       reported to the Director General of the Central Radio Management Service.

Report, Confirmation and Inspection of Private Telecommunication Facilities (Change)

Private telecommunication facilities are those other than telecommunication facilities for business purposes
and constructed by a certain person for his/her own telecommunications. The establishment of private
telecommunication facilities shall be reported to the competent Director General of the Central Radio
Management Service. These facilities shall be used properly for their construction purposes.

Investigation and Inspection of Telecommunication Facilities to Determine Whether They Meet the Applicable Technical Standards.

On-site investigations are performed to determine whether telecommunication facilities meet the applicable
technical criteria in order to ensure the safety and reliability of telecommunication facilities and to protect
communication service users.

  • - Facilities subject to the investigation and inspection: Exchange, transmission and internal telecommunication
       facilities of common carriers, special and additional communication service providers, and builders of
       private telecommunication facilities

Licensing of Non-profit Corporations and Corporation Services

The efficiency of services are enhanced through the understanding of service procedures and processes
to ensure the effective performance of corporation services by laws (The Civil Act and the Rules as for the
Establishment and Supervision of the Non-profit Corporation under the Ministry of Information and
Communication, etc.).