Radio Management

Licensing and Inspection of Radio Stations

Licensing of Radio Stations

Any person who intends to establish a radio station shall obtain permission from the Minister of Science, ICT, as prescribed by Presidential Decree.

An application for the license accompanied by such documents as the radio station licence application form,
outline of radio facilities and construction plan of radio facilities shall be filed with the local radio management
service concerned.

About srmc Agency concerned, Jurisdiction, Telephone Number table that provides
Agency concerned Jurisdiction Telephone Number
Seoul Radio Management Service Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do 02-2680-1700
Busan Radio Management Service Busan, Gyeongsangnam-do 051-974-5100
Gwangju Radio Management Service Gwangju, Jeollanam-do 061-330-6800
Kangneung Radio Management Service Gangwon-do 033-660-2800
Daejeon Radio Management Service Daejeon, Chungcheongnam-do 042-520-4100
Daegu Radio Management Service Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do 053-749-2800
Jeonju Radio Management Service Jeollabuk-do 063-263-3100
Jeju Radio Management Service Jeju 064-740-2800

A person who does not hold South Korean nationality cannot establish a radio station unless the radio
station to be established belongs to any of the following categories.

  • - A radio station emitting weak radio waves or that does not require the construction of radio facilities
  • - A radio station or experiment station for receiving purposes only
  • - A radio station established to provide safety services to vessels and air craft, and telecommunication services
  • - A radio station established by a foreign diplomatic and consular office in Korea within its building for the
       communications between certain points
  • - An amateur radio station established by a person who obtained the amateur radio operator license of
       Korea or a temporary resident who desires to operate a radio station during his/her stay in Korea.

Inspection of Radio Stations

A person who constructed radio facilities after obtaining the license to establish or change a radio station
shall submit the construction report to the inspection agency to operate such facilities after having them
inspected to determine whether they meet the technical criteria and the qualifications and number of radio
operators therein satisfy the applicable standards.

An application to extend the construction period shall be submitted to the licensing agency for the
prolongation of the construction period of a radio station.

  • - Inspection Agencies
  • · The Central Radio Management Service : Inspection of the radio stations of state agencies (excluding
       municipalities) and for broadcasting services
  • · The Korea Communications Agency: Inspection of all the other radio stations beyond the jurisdiction of the
       Central Radio Management Service