Radio Management


Since 2008, CRMS has signed cooperation agreements with 14 countries* in the field of radio spectrum management and has been striving for international cooperation such as job experts' local education, invitation training, and policy advice.

* Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Monglolia, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Ukraine, Rwanda, Bolivia, Argentina, Uganda, Bangladesh (in chronolgical order)

CRMS conducted video conference training with its partner countries (Mongolia and Bangladesh) for uninterrupted international cooperation in spite of COVID-19 situation and conducted information exchange on spectrum management works via e-mail.

CRMS posts Q&A sections in each field of spectrum monitoring, interference investigation, illegal radio station, licensing and inspection and wants to exchange information with more overseas partners.

For more information and international cooperation on spectrum management in Korea, please contact the international cooperation team( anytime.