About CRMS


Welcome to the web site of the Central Radio Management Service (CRMS).

Today, radio wave becomes increasingly important to a vital national resource that determine the competitiveness of the country, and a core element for the digital era. In the advent of the world of new media communications and the convergence of broadcasting and communications, radio wave is paving the way for a communication and information-rich society with great convenience.

The CRMS is responsible for efficient managing radio spectrum, broadcasting and communications to support safe, efficient and reliable radio communication environment for the public use as well as support national industry also effective convergence to strengthen national life and national competitiveness, we are doing our best.

Furthermore, all the employees of the CRMS will continue to make the best effort to ensure that the public fully enjoy the benefits of safe and convenient use of the broadcasting and communications under based on our catchphrase 『For the bright future of broadcasting and communication, CRMS will be accomplished.』

We look forward to your continuous interest and support.

Thank you.

 President of CRMS


Jung-Gu Lee Central Radio Management Office