Radio Management


Regulation of illegal radio facilities

Prohibition of illegal radio usesRegulation of illegal and unregistered radio stations

  • - Radio stations and RF apparatuses used without licence
  • - Modification of emission characteristics without permission

Regulation of the distribution of illegal information and

  • - Protection of consumers and the telecommunication industry by preventing the spread of illegal
       info-communication devices, and poor-quality equipment imports
  • - Control of the distribution of devices circulated without approval in accordance with the Radio Waves
       Act on the manufacturing and import of info-communication devices
  • - Regulation of the use of specific low-power radio apparatuses such as wireless microphones which fail
       to meet the technology criteria

Regulation of illegal bugging devices and mobile phone cloning

Illegal bugging devices

  • - Control of such activities as manufacturing, import, selling, use, and advertising of unauthorized bugging
        devices for the protection of confidential informaion Modification of emission characteristics without permission

Regulation of the distribution of illegal information and communication equipment

  • - Control of mobile phone cloning used as an instrument for privacy invasion and criminal activitiesMobile
        phone reproducers, reproduction requesters, or reproduced mobile phone users

Cyber crime investigation

  • - Operating of the cyber investigation task force to deal with cyber crimes Regulation of distributors of
        reproduced mobile phones, illegal wiretapping systems, and illegal telecommunications equipment via
        the internet

Investigation of Prohibited Broadcasting and Communication Service Activities

Fact-finding activities and investigations of the state of the broadcasting and communication market as to
prohibited activities (Unfair practices and activities harmful to user interests) therein are carried out to
establish fair competition and protect the rights and interests of the public. >Subjects

About srmc Classification, Prohibited Activities table that provides
Classification Prohibited Activities
Broadcasting Service
Failure by a broadcasting right holder to secure means to broadcast
major events
Failure to perform a live broadcast after the acquisition of the broadcasting right
Refusal or delay of the sale or purchase of broadcasting rights
Failure to provide news-reel or news-commentary footage
Refusal or non-implementation of the execution of an agreement
between telecommunication service providers
Misappropriation of information possessed by other telecommunication
service providers
Communication Service
Unfair calculation of service fees or information charges
Provision of services different from those prescribed in the applicable
provisions or application of unfair pre-selection